Why Reiki?

Reiki is a form of First Aid. Reiki gives you a greater sense of independence, peace, and calm than you ever knew was possible.

About Linda

Reiki Sessions and Classes with Linda

481 Brooklyn Street

Morrisville, VT


"Linda is a strong mentor and master teacher of reiki and other energy and extraction techniques. I studied for four years with Linda. She gave so much care and layers of teaching and attention to all of us in the reiki group. She’s extra generous with her time and commitment to her students’ success and practice. I started with no foundation in energy work and Linda took me through every level and beyond building my confidence and encouragement to become an adept practitioner. Since then has also become a dear friend and continued mentor."

- Cailin in Doha

"I took Linda Friedman’s Sedona reiki retreat in 2007. Right after the training I saw a client in Flagstaff where I used a master level technique on her heart . The client said that treatment was more powerful than anything she had experienced previously. I found Linda to be a really excellent teacher."

- Cecilia B. in Boston

"Linda is a gentle, intuitive master, she took me by the hand, quaite literally and bathed me in self-awareness. Linda reached into my heart and helped me find my soul. I am forever grateful."

- Marianne B. in Scotland

"Linda Friedman is an excellent Reiki Practitioner! Even from afar her healing energy will draw you in. I know because this is what happened to me. As a Reiki Master and Teacher she is gentle, engaging, fun and very knowledgable. You will love being her student!"

- Cathleen S. in Washington State

"I met Linda in 2007, while I was dealing with a great loss and struggling through a difficulty recovery, she was brought into my life at the perfect time.

Linda has a very personal passion and connection with her art, and conveys that love to you directly, even in a room full of other participants. Her style of instruction helps create a bond with all those involved.

- Thomas P. from Hawaii

"I met Linda in 2013 in South East India. I was a school teacher who didn't know I was searching for other ways to refuel my "tank" after a long day of being an educator. She introduced me to the potential of my own energy using Reiki and Sound Healing. After my first session with her, I was thirsty to learn more. Now, almost 9 years later, I am teaching/sharing Reiki and Sound healing because it is that powerful of a tool. Linda is a talented and magical healer, and I am proud to call one of my closest confidants in all things. The work she has done on me personally has changed my life and helped me not only on my individual path as a healer but as a better educator to my students. If you ever get a chance to learn or receive healing from Linda consider yourself lucky and blessed."

- Holly in Vietnam

"I had the honor of recieving the knowledge of Reiki from Linda. Her way of teaching Reki is to walk beside you so you can take your own path through this energy. Reki now is an important technique I use working with animal health. Thank you so much Linda."

- Christian from Chile

"Linda is an awesome Reiki teacher. She shares her wisdom in an easy-to-understand manner and with practical efficient application. Her energy is pure and enjoying her 1-on-1 sessions led me to some deep insights and breakthroughs. Thank you Linda."

- Barbara in Hawaii